22. - 27. května 2023

2018 Programme

Family Fringe, Prague Fringe / Mosaic House

Fringe Sunday, Prague Fringe / Mosaic House

2100, Cut Mustard Theatre Company (England / Norway /  South Korea / Australia)

ADA, Teuchter Theatre (England / German / Scotland)

Aliens of Mons, The, Teatr Ad Spectatores (Poland)

And The Rope Still Tugging Her Feet, Face to Face Theatre (England)

Babel, Almost Human (USA / Canada / England)

Birds, Junior Productions (England)

Bump!, Buckle Up Theatre (England)

Caliban's Codex, It's Not us (England)

(Can This Be) Home, Brite Theater (Scotland / Iceland)

Caravan of Love, Theatre Nation (Republic of Ireland / England)

Chest Pains, Chest Pains Productions (England)

CHORES!, Cluster Arts Pty Ltd (Australia)

Comedy of Errors, Australian Shakespeare Company (Australia)

Conflicts of Interest, Mirth of Forth Productions (Scotland)

David McIver Is a Nice Little Man, David McIver (England)

Diary of a M.A.D. Activist, The Dead Canny Theatre Company (England)

Don Quijote in the Storm, Långsjö teater (Sweden)

El Diablo of The Cards, Ewerton Martins (Brazil)

An Evolution of a Sexual Bean, Static Assembly (United States)

Form, Rendered Retina (England)

Games by Henry Naylor, Redbeard Theatre (England)

Hamlet (An Experience), Brite Theater (England / Iceland)

Henri, Compagnie ô Quel Dommage (Belgium)

Hopeless, Leyla Josephine (Scotland)

I only get migraines when it rains, Lauren Ilana Miller (USA / Germany)

I Wish I Owned a Hotel For Dogs, Claire Sullivan (Australia)

It's A Girl, Transitus Theatre & Misfits Theatre (Canada)

Johnny Darlin: Songs About Boys, Johnny Darlin (USA)

Jon & Nath Like to Party, Jon & Nath (England / Australia)

JOY, All Good Artists Are Dead (England)

Karlos Before the Law, Los Dos (USA / Mexico)

The Last Burrah Sahibs, Max Scratchmann (Scotland)

The Little Fisherman, Långsjö teater (Sweden)

The Measure of a Man, Gavin Roach (Australia)

Nana Schewitz's Pass Me Over Party, Static Assembly (Germany)

Nathan & Ida’s Hot Dog Stand, Nathan & Ida (England)

Old Bones, Little and Large Theatre (Scotland)

The Orchid, TwentySomething (Scotland)

A Parcel for Mr. Smith, Cloud Nine Theatre Productions (England)

QUEST(ION), Madame Señorita (Spain)

Scotland!, The Latebloomers (England / Australia / Sweden)

So, Where Are You Really From?, Ňun & Ví (Czech republic)

Songs of Gays , London Gay Men's Chorus Ensemble (England)

Stuck, HOAX (England / France / Iceland)

The Stuntman, Momentum Artist Management (England / Australia)

A Taco Truck On Every Corner...Or Dreaming In English, Reno Little Theater (USA)

Trygve Wakenshaw: Clown work in progress, Trygve Wakenshaw (Czech Republic / New Zealand)

Twonkey’s Night Train To Liechtenstein, Mr.Twonkey Travels (Scotland)

Umbrella Man, Teuchter Company (Scotland)

WE ARE IAN, In Bed with My Brother (England)

What Next?, 小丑不丑劇團CANU Theatre (Macau / England)

The Wimps Show, Beach Comet (England)

Young Oscar, Wilde in San Francisco, Rock Bottom Spectacular (USA)

Detailed information can be found here. 2018.praguefringe.com

2017 Programme

Family Fringe, Prague Fringe

Fringe Sunday, Prague Fringe

Age of Consequence, British Intervention (England)

Angel by Henry Naylor, Redbeard Theatre / Gilded Balloon Productions (England / Germany)

Bang!, Patte-Patte-Patte-Patte (Scotland/ France)

Be More, Do Better, But Don't Change, Roisin Crowley Linton (England)

Bubble Show with Milkshake, Bubble Laboratory (Australia)

Committed to Mediocrity, Gavin Lind (Australia)

Domestic, So It Goes (England / Iceland / Germany)

Echoes from Shadows, JsemDva (Czech Republic)

Edison, Static Assembly (USA)

The Forbidden, Fanny Duret (Switzerland)

Hamletelia, Caroline Pagani (Italy)

Hess, Gilded Balloon Productions / Kinbur Productions (Scotland)

Honky Bonk House of Horror, Honky Bonk Presents (England)

Hummingbird, Tooth+Nail Theatre Company (Scotalnd / England / France)

Immigrant Diaries - Sajeela Kershi & Guests, Sajeela Kershi (England)

Jim Haynes - World Citizen at Home in Paris, Jim Haynes (USA/France)

Johnny Darlin: In the Closet, Johnny Darlin and the Queer South (USA)

JoJo Bellini: Crash-Bang Cabaret!, Thejomarsh (Australia)

Kiki, Sandy d'Oria (USA)

Kith, Primal Dream (Scotland)

Kontra alt, Teater Sláva (Sweden)

Let Me Freeze Your Head, Neil McArthur (Canada)

Loud Poets, Loud Poets (Scotland)

MC Hammersmith and Friends, MC Hammersmith (Scotland)

Men with Coconuts, Men with Coconuts (Scotland)

The Monks of Umami: Radiodyssey, JET Productions (England / Northern Ireland / Australia)

Mr. Gundersen's Kerfuffle, Trunk & Egg Teaterkompani (Norway / Scotland / USA / France)

No More Miss America, Rude and Unruly Women (England)

Nothing Like Your Profile Picture, Fragility (England)

Odette!, Marina Margarita (England)

Phrases Ready, Mirth of Forth Comedy (Scotland)

Pivo & Beer Comedy, Pivo & Beer Comedy Troupe (England)

Protest, Alliance for New Music-Theatre (USA)

Redcap. Stop., Azotti Teatern (Sweden)

Red Pill: A Nice Guy's Lament, Some Yank's Theatre Company (Ireland)

The Rules of Inflation, Balloons Theatre (England)

SAJEELA KERSHI - Paradise Beneath Her Feet, JAMJAR(Jews and Muslims joined against Racism) (England)

Shenandoah, Grasshopper Chorus (USA)

Slave to the Ha Ha, Honky Bonk Presents (England)

Sleeping Beauty, Barely There (Germany/ The Netherlands/ Poland)

Tiger, Teuchter (Scotland)

Twelfth Night Reimagined, Australian Shakespeare Company (Australia)

Viggo Venn: The Life of Pepito, Stamptown (Norway)

Whales & Souls, Sexy Dirt Productions (USA)

What if..., Teater Sláva (Sweden)

Zach & Viggo: Dream Team, Stamptown (USA / Norway)

Zach Zucker: Human Person, Stamptown (USA)

ZurichPlays: An Anticomedy, Blood, Love & Rhetoric (Czech Republic)

Detailed Information can be found here. 2017.praguefringe.com

2016 Programme

Fringe Sunday, Prague Fringe

0.0, The Jolly Oddities (England)

An Audience with Steve D'Wonderful, Steve Worsley (Scotland)

Awakening, Sweet And Sour Sensory Composition, Nitroglicerina Theatre (England)

Beautiful Radiant Things: Queer Girls Tales, Kathie Bergquist (USA)

Break the Mask, Lewd!Panic (USA)

Brickhead: Yeah Yeah, Yeah?, Brickhead (England)

Buenos Aires, Final Destination!, Divadlo Marianny Arzumanove (Czech Republic)

The Collector, Schizothemia (England)

Dear Mister Kaiser, The Heretical Historians (England)

Douze, X & Co. (Ireland)

Echoes by Henry Naylor, Pipeline Productions (England)

The End of Politics, Bob Bell (USA)

The Establishment, Badgerfish Productions (England)

Giftig, Matchbox Theatre Collective (South Africa)

Hats off to Laurel and Hardy, Lucky Dog Theatre Productions (England)

Hell Has No Fury, TwentySomething (Scotland)

I Gave Him an Orchid, Fight of the Escales (England / Germany)

If These Bodies Could Talk, Matchbox Theatre Collective (South Africa)

The Incredible Man of Mystery, Jody Kamali (England)

Jim Haynes: Getting to Know You, Jim Haynes (USA / France)

Jody Kamali’s Late Night Variety Show , Jody Kamali (England)

Life in 3 Words, Emer O'Flaherty Music (Ireland)

A Living, Caroline Liversidge (England)

Loud Poets, Loud Poets (Scotland)

The London Gay Men’s Chorus Ensemble, London Gay Men’s Chorus (England)

Madame Señorita: ¿Who Are Tú?, Madame Señorita (Spain)

Men with Coconuts, Impro FX (Scotland)

The Metamorphosis, J.B. Alexander (USA)

Parlour Games, Tooth+Nail Theatre Company (Scotland / England / France / Norway)

RICHARD III, Brite Theater (England / Iceland)

Richard Burns, Candice Botha & Co. (South Africa)

Sajeela Kershi - Shallow Halal, JAMJAR(Jews And Muslims Joined Against Racism) (England)

Scale, Umbrella Man (Scotland)

Shooting Blanks, WildWind Performance Lab (USA)

The Singing Psychic Does Prague, Marysialand Productions (England)

A Special Day, Por Piedad Teatro & The Play Company (Mexico / USA)

Stripe, Blue Bee theatre (Japan)

Stuart Lightbody’s Sleepless Dreams, Stuart Lightbody (South Africa)

The Telegram, Ego Actus (USA)

The Terrible Tale of Dr F, Communal Shower (England)

Thorn, Not Suitable for Drinking (Australia)

Tiger, Umbrella Man (Scotland)

Tin Bucket Drum, Jade Bowers Design & Management (South Africa)

Together, Almost Human (The Netherlands / England / Poland)

The Travelling Sisters, The Travelling Sisters (Australia)

Twonkey's Mumbo Jumbo Hotel, Mr.Twonkey Travels (Scotland)

Typhoon of Tenderness, Wordsworth (USA)

Vis a Vis, Communal Shower (France)

War of the Worlds, Scena Theatre (USA)

Who Dares Twins, The Stevenson Experience (Australia)

Zach & Viggo: Thunderflop, Stamptown (USA)

Detailed Information can be found here. 2016.praguefringe.com

2015 Programme

Fringe Sunday, Prague Fringe

Pop-Up Fringe, Prague Fringe

Bás - Shallow Death, Schizothemia (England)

Boris & Sergey's Vaudevillian Adventure, Flabbergast Theatre (England)

Brick Head: Yeah Yeah, Brickhead (England)

Clown Macbeth, Ryukyu Cirque / Makoto Inoue (Japan)

Dan Lees: Brainchild, Dan Lees (England)

Dick & Jayne Get a Life, Three Peas Productions / A Broad’s Way Productions (USA / Czech Republic)

Drawing in Motion, Tineola Theater (Czech Republic)

East of the Sun, West of the Moon, The Fetch Theatre Company (England)

Entirely Necessary Adventure, Magic Maverick (England)

Everything's Possible, Nothing's Avaliable, Neil Frost (England)

The Fruits of Failure, Almost Human (England / The Netherlands / Canada)

GameShow, Fragility (England)

The Ginger Ale Boy, Take 2 musical Theatre (Scotland)

Gran Consiglio, Tom Corradini (Italy)

Harry Gooch's Three Star Show, Harry Gooch (England)

Human Jukebox, Human Jukebox (USA / Scotland)

I Am Not Antigone, The Others (England, The Netherlands, Serbia)

Into Thin Air, Precious Cargo (England)

Jewel Box, Friendly Orange Cat & Stellar Umbrella Productions (Czech Republic / Australia)

Kafka’s Belinda, Ego Actus (USA)

Kafka's Metamorphosis, Alliance for New Music-Theatre (USA)

Kafka's Report to An Academy, Scena Theatre (USA/Germany)

Men with Coconuts, Impro FX (Scotland)

Mummy, Ruinelust (England)

Neruda Nude, 8ROJO (Canada)

Noir: A Dick Privet Mystery, Croon Productions (England)

The Piano Man, Jsem Dva (Czech Republic)

Pretext, Budapest English Theatre (Australia / Hungary)

Richard III (working title), Brite Theater (Iceland / Scotland / England)

Sarah Bennetto's Funeral, Storytellers’ Club Presents (England / Australia)

Show Off, Figs in Wigs (England)

Somnia, WoodenSnowMusic (Ireland / Germany)

Spectacular, Jody Kamali (England)

Storm in a Teacup, Hot Coals Theatre Ensemble (England)

Stuart Lightbody: Devilish, Stuart Lightbody (South Africa)

Tatterdemalion, Flabbergast Theatre (England)

This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing, Just This Once Theatre Company (USA)

Tomás Ford: The Final Chase, Tomás Ford (Australia)

Twine. Measure. Cut., Teater Sláva (Sweden)

Twonkey's Private Restaurant, Mr.Twonkey in Europe (England)

A View from the Street, Geordie Little Music (Australia)

Who Made Me?, Wordsworth Ink. (USA)

Who Waits at the Top of the Stairs, Hard Times (Canada) 

Detailed information can be found here. 2015.praguefringe.com

2014 Programme

Fringe Sunday, Prague Fringe

Absolute Improve!, To Be Continued… (Scotland)

Ace of Space, Cheekykita / Sharnema Nougar (England)

Ady Ferguson & Ondra Riegl, ADF Production (England / Czech Republic)

Ball at Stephen Hawking’s, Teatr Arka (Poland)

Beowulf, Autojeu Theatre (England)

Blood Orange, Electric Theatre Workshop (Scotland)

Cabaret Guignol, Firefly Productions Inc. (USA)

Cat Black, Stu Mentha & Peter Hosking (Australia / Czech Republic)

Death! Love! Disaster!, Le Flop (England)

The Engagement, Tigerpig Productions (England)

Erect but Unstable, Hard Times (Canada)

Faruchio Peru is Extraordinaire, Leebo Luby (England)

From Scraps, Unexpected Places (England)

Harlem’s Awakening, A Brown Betties Experience, Presented by Nicole J. Adelman & Three Peas Productions (USA)

I am Dandy, Big Empty Barn Productions (USA)

Illusive, Stuart Lightbody (South Africa)

The Improv Jam, To Be Continued…& Impro FX (Scotland)

An Incomplete (Sex) Education, Irene Chan / Ch'An Press (USA)

Uvnitř (Inside), Love Theatre (Czech Republic)

Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum, Theaterland Promotions (Australia)

Letter from an Unknown Woman, Jumping The Gun Productions (Ireland)

Letters from another Island, Almost Human (England / The Netherlands / Canada)

Life in 3 words, Emer O'Flaherty Music (Ireland)

Lingua Varia, Susanne Kass (Finland/Czech Republic)

The Lonely Guide, Stellar Umbrella Productions (Germany / England)

Machiavelli, Michael McEvoy (England)

Men with Coconuts, Impro FX (Scotland)

The Metamorphosis, J.B. Alexander (USA)

The Murder of Gonzago, Prague Shakespeare Company (Czech Republic / USA)


One Man, One Plant, Matthew Lloyd (England)

The Rosie Rogers Cowgirl Show, Rosie Trump / With or Without Dance (USA)

Scandinavian – Canadian, Daniel-Ryan Spaulding (Canada / Norway)

The Sparrow and the Mouse: Creating the Music of Edith Piaf, Sisterscene Productions (Canada)

A Special Day, The Play Company / Por Piedad Teatro (USA / Mexico)

Untitled Shakespeare, Man with a Porpoise (England)

The Václav Havel Project: Unveiling, Alliance for New Music-Theatre (USA)

The Václav Havel Project: Vaněk Unleashed, Alliance for New Music-Theatre (USA)

Victorian Values, Steel Dragon Theatre (England)

The Voice & The Verse, Creative Empire (Ireland)

You can't hide from the devil, Tuin Aan Zee (The Netherlands)

Detailed information can be found here. 2014.praguefringe.com

2013 Programme

Fringe Sunday, Prague Fringe

Ady Ferguson, Ady Ferguson (England / Czech Republic)

Alice in Wonderland, Middlesbrough College (England)

An Audience With Shurl, New Drama Lab (Wales)

An Average Day for Johnny Moon, Windermere Productions (England)

Baitman, Carlo Jacucci (Italy)

Ballad of the Village Poet, Keytarman (Azerbaijan)

BOUNCE, Eva Dean Dance (USA)

City of Lions and Gods, Saiah Arts International (USA)

A Dog’s Heart, Simian Features (England)

Dojo-ji, Makoto Inoue Ind. (Japan / Czech Republic)

Duchess of Malfi – A Tragedy of Tragick Proportions, Prague Shakespeare Company (Czech Republic / USA)

False Friends, Wild Mint Productions (Australia / Czech Republic)

Goulash of Horror, Daniela Mitterlehner (Austria)

Hide and Seek, Distributed Theatre (England)

Hospital Sofa, The Flying Beards (England)

House that Jack Built, Multi Story Theatre Company (England)

How to Escape from Disneyland, Fragility (England)

Human Jukebox, Gail Whitmore (USA / Czech Republic)

Il Concerto, Chapeau Nomade (France)

Inexcusable Fantasies, GRRL Parts (USA)

Kafka and Son, Richard Jordon Productions, Theaturtle/Threshold (Canada)

Last Man in Europe – A Portrait of George Orwell, Portrait Productions (England)

Marcel Lucont: Gallic Symbol, Objective Talent (England)

Memories of a Mute, Sam Passman Productions (England)

Passéistes, Fragility Theatre (England)

Play Actually – A Non Rom Com, Idiot Presents (Australia / USA)

Putting Words in my Mouth, Makeshift Broadcast (Scotland)

Ragulabuggla - A Tale About an Environmental Refugee, Theatreact and Bananteatern (Sweden, India)

Romeo & Chulio, Kunstplage (Austria)

Scott Agnew: Tales of the Sauna, New Town Bar (Scotland)

Stuperstition, DL Productions (South Africa)

Superheros, Tom Corradini (Italy)

Under Construction, WastedINK (England)

What If…, Tuin aan Zee / Garden at Sea (The Netherlands)

Detailed information can be found here. 2013.praguefringe.com

2012 Programme

Fringe Sunday, Prague Fringe

Absolute Improv, To Be Continued... (Scotland)

All Fall Down, Prague Youth Theatre (Czech Republic)

Animal Fun, Marcel Mohab (Austria)

Beesquit, Artimmediate (Ireland / Italy)

Berlin, Okypus Theatre Company (Greece)

Blood Is Thicker Than Roswell, Page Petrucka (USA)

Clowns In The Closet, We Are A Real (England)

Déjà Vu, Wild Mint Productions (Australia/Czech Republic)

DOA: Department of The Afterlife, Windermere Productions (England)

The Edge, PBS Players (Czech Republic)

Eidolon, Nervous Doll Dancing (New Zealand)

How Dare You!, Daniel-Ryan Spaulding (Canada)

How to Climb Mount Everest, Autojeu Theatre (England)

Human Jukebox, Gail Whitmore (USA / Scotland)

I Want to Tell You Something, Caroline Sniatynski (Canada / France)

Immigrant Song, Pantheon Players (England)

Kassandra, 1+1=1 / Despoina Sarafeidou (Greece)

Kelder (Bye Bye World), Gehring & Ketelaars Frijling (The Netherlands)

Le Foulard, Lucy Hopkins (England)

Light Up Your Life, Dare to Light (Estonia)

The Mole and The Worm: An Underground Tale, Teatro Entre Escombros (Spain / England)

My First Ten Sexual Failures and Other Stories About Growing Up, Andy Tomazic (England)

Nuclear Love Affair, Built for Collapse (USA)

Only Place, KatherosInMotion / Kate Nankervis (Canada)

Pianodivalicious!, Amy Abler (USA)

The Prayer, Kai Eng (Singapore)

The Rape of Lucrece, Thievish Dog (England)

Restaurant, Vitomir Vrataric (Slovenia)

Scopophilia: Into The Eye of the Sun, Elizabeth Anne Mccarthy (Canada)

Shakespeare's Kings and Clowns, Portrait Productions (England)

Six Characters in Search of an Author, The English College In Prague (Czech Republic)

Steve Lewin, Steve Lewin (Canada)

The Troubadour's Tale, Pickpocket Productions (England)

The Upside-Down Girl, Anya Anastasia (Australia)

The Voice of Anne Frank, Spitfire Company (Czech Republic)

Vanya, Makoto Inoue Ind. (Japan / Czech Republic)

Venus and Adonis, Shakespeare Orange County (USA)

When Abel Met Cain, Raphael Rodan (Israel / England)

When She Went, Precious Cargo (England)

Why The Child Is Cooking in The Polenta, Theatre Group Mämäligä (The Netherlands)

Zwets (Chat), Tuin Aan Zee (Garden At Sea) (The Netherlands)

Detailed information can be found here. 2012.praguefringe.com

2011 Programme

Pop-Up Fringe, Prague Fringe

Fringe Sunday, Prague Fringe

7th Circle, WastedINK (England)

Alasdair Bouch, Alasdair Bouch (England)

Alchemista (Alchymist), Akanda (Czech Republic)

All in the Timing, Windermere Productions (England)

Andi Neate, Andi Neate (Scotland)

As Long As You Are Here, Ken Nash (Czech Republic)

Cooking for Love, Iwan Dam (The Netherlands)

Diary of a Sentimental Killer, Teatro dei Borgia Compagnia delle formiche (Italy)

Dickens Asks for More, Michael McEvoy - Portrait Productions (England)

Dr. Brown Makes Love, Dr. Brown (UK / USA)

Empty Hands, iMagine Productions (Czech Republic)

Glue, Annie Moir (England)

Have You Seen Clarissa?, The Red Chimneys Productions (England)

Hotel Red Cello, Poet's Cabaret Prague (Germany)

The Human Fruit Bowl, Tie Day Media and Harmony Stempel (USA)

The Human Jukebox, Gail Whitmore (USA / Scotland)

Impossible N'est Pas Francais or There's No Such Word as Can't, Lucy Hopkins (France)

Jewel, Globus Theatre (Canada)

John Hurts (from Idiot), Lisa Jeschke & Lucy Beynon (Germany / England)

Life is too Good to be True, Het Geluid Maastricht (The Netherlands)

The Lovely Babe, In The Name of ... Theatre Creations (Canada)

Men Avoid Jars, We Are a Real (England)

Mercury Seven with Signs Following - Mud Nostalgia, The Bear Gardens (USA)

Merri-May Gill, Merri-May Gill (Australia)

My First Sony, Roy Horovitz (Israel)

Phebe Starr, Phebe Starr (Australia)

Reflections of a Man, PointZero (England)

Requiem for Adam, Simian Features (England)

Richard, Makoto Inoue ind. (Japan / Czech Republic)

Sam?, Safe Mode Productions (USA)

Seasons of Liz, Overture Limited (Hong Kong)

Seemingly Invisible, Smoking Apples (England)

Shylock, Middlesbrough College (England)

Socrates Was Ugly, In Your Space Theatre (USA)

Stealing Buckingham Palace, Grayling Productions (England via USA)

Sunnyville, Steel Dragon Theatre (England)

The Visitor, Red Tie Productions & PLUS Teatar (Serbia / USA)

Vitamin, Carlo Jacucci (Ireland)

Who is Pilgrim?, Side By Side Theatre Company (England)

2010 Programme

An Act of Will - The Secret Life of William Shakespeare, Portrait Productions (England)

Alasdair Bouch, Alasdair Bouch (England)

Andi Neate, Andi Neate (Scotland)

Angels with Dirty Faces, 9 minds (Australia)

Blood & Money, Rascally Scoundrels (England)

Bruce, Valentijn (The Netherlands)

Cyrano on the Moon, Eileen Pollock (Northern Ireland)

Daddy Day, Bert Hana / Het verbond tegen de liefde (The Netherlands)

Dante's Divina Commedia - Inferno, Black Moon Theatre Company (USA)

Dr. Brown Inc. Presents a Dr. Brown production of Dr. Brown's 'Dr. Brown', Dr. Brown Inc. (England / USA)

Exposition, Kompani krapp (Norway)

Father's Day, The Bear Theatre (Czech Republic)

Fig.1, The Bear Gardens (USA)

The Fugitives, La Rinascita (USA)

Going West, Nora Connolly (Ireland)

The Harbour, Limbik (England)

The Heart of a Dog, Bad Soviet Habits (USA)

Horse, Flick Ferdinando (Company FZ) (England)

Human Jukebox, Gail Whitmore (England / USA)

I Love Guns, Stam vs O'Neill (The Netherlands, Ireland)

In the Arms of a Lion, White Swan Productions (Australia / South Africa)

It's News 2 Me, Smugly Beige (England)

Kaguya, Makoto Inoue (Japan)

Krapp's Last Tape, AC Productions (Ireland)

Nathan the Wise, Middlesbrough College (England)

Normalcy Has Been Restored, Safe Mode Productions (USA)

Ocean Versus Daughter (Czech Republic / USA / England)

Playing With My Heart Shaun Prendergast, Live Youth Theatre (England)

Poste Restante, They Gotta Be Secret Agents (USA)

Sealskin, Multi story (England)

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, Akanda (Czech Republic)

Shakespeare's Will by Vern Theissen, Twice as Good Productions / Suzy Sampson directed by Robert Tsonos (New Zealand)

The Stephen Frost Impro Allstars, Stephen Frost (England)

Thumb, In The Name Of ... Theatre Creations, in association with Bottle Cap Productions Inc (Canada)

Topping & Butch - Dressed to kill!, Topping & Butch (England)

True Love, The Bear Theatre (Czech Republic)

Turbulence, Spielhalde (England / Austria)

The World's Wife, Beautiful Confusion Productions (England, International)

2009 Programme

Andi Neate, Andi Neate (Scotland)

Aupairky(The Au-pairs), Theatre Letí (Czech Republic)

Backward Glance, multi story (England)

Cactus, Jonno Katz- Epicworlds (Australia)

Canarsie Suite - At the Edge of Vaudeville, Canarsie Suite Productions (USA)

Crossed Wires, Iris Theatre Company (USA / Canada / England)

David Benson Sings Noel Coward, Potted Productions (England)

De huilende kers (The Crying Cherry), Circus Treurdier / Maarten Heijman & lan Bok (The Netherlands)

Decaffeinated Tragedy, Bad Soviet Habits (USA)

Dr. Brown Behaves, Dr. Brown, Inc. (England / USA)

Emotion Collection, Teatro Dei Confidenti Nuovi do Praga (Czech Republic)

Fine Line, Josef Kristian Mejstřík / Stanislava Sýkorová (Czech Republic)

Hansel and Gretel End of The Fairy Tale, Adam Theater (Israel)

Hatful of Hollow, Maladjusted Theatre (England)

I'm Nearly A Fifty Year Old Bloke And This Is What I Know About Music, Mr. Drayton/ The Big Fun Club (England)

In a Thousand Pieces, The Paper Birds (England)

Katatonika, Akanda (Czech Republic)

Katharine, English College in Prague Golem Players (England / Ukraine / Armenia)

Kubrilesque: Or a Burlesque tribute to Stanley Kubrick, Cherry Kiss Burlesque (USA)

La Ronde, Kompani Krapp (Norway)

La Sophia Talents' - Charity Concert, La Sophia in Association with Fringe Festival Praha (Czech Republic)

The Last Man in Europe - A Portrait of George Orwell, Portrait Productions (England)

Mo(ve)ment Mo(ve)ment meets Musicians, BNO Productions (The Netherlands)

The New Victorian Manifesto, The New Victorian Set (France)

The Pen and Sword, Grieb - Striebling Productions (England / USA)

Prague Soup, Annie Moir (England)

Red Peter, Simian Features (England)

Songs of Love and Hope, Jamie Marshall (England / Czech Republic)

Storyville UK (England)

Tajné slunce, Tajné slunce (Czech Republic)

The Voice and the Verse, Maverick Press (Ireland)

This Still Night, in the name of - Theatre Collective (Canada)

Topping & Butch - Prepared for Anything, Topping & Butch (England)

Waiting for André, John Arthur Sweet (Canada)

2008 Programme

40 Feathered Winks, The Paper Birds (England)

[H]Art Am Limit -Utopeske-One-Woman-Emo-Popcorn-Revue, Anne Frütelová (Austria / Germany)

Adolf, Pip Utton (England)

Andi Neate, Andi Neate (Scotland)

Baby Box, Veselé skoky (Czech Republic)

Bach-Bukowski, Willem Van Ekeren (The Netherlands)

Carus & The True Believers, Carus Thompson (Australia)

Cassandra, Multi Story (England)

Celtic Feet, Gordon School of Dancing (Scotland)

Chaplin, Pip Utton (England)

A Day in Dig Nation, The Flying Carpet Theatre Company (USA)

A Day in Prague / A Night in Brazil, Peter Griggs (USA)

The Dearest, The Freshest, Deep Down Thing, Prague Revue Productions (Czech Republic)

The Diary Of Peter Ginz, Shrewsbury School (England)

Doplganger, The Phoenix Players (India)

Fire and Sword – A Trybal Gathering, The Trybe (Scotland)

Forgotten, The New Play Company in association with Pat Kinevane (Ireland)

H & A Screenplay, Beautiful Confusion Productions (USA, etc.)

The Hallucinogenic Toreador, A DaDa Exploration, Lime House Theater Collective (USA)

Karagiozis Exposed, Open Arts (Cyprus)

Magic & More With Frisco Fred, Comedy On the Square (USA)

Maria Tecce – Viva!, Maria Tecce (Ireland / USA)

No Exit, Act Provocateur International (England)

Not In My Name! The Trial Of Niccolo Machiavelli, Michael McEvoy (England)

Nowhere Here, English Stage (England)

The Sacred Sow, Prague Playhouse (Ireland, Czech Republic)

Sax To The Max!, The National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain (England)

Short Films from Hong Kong, PFF / Ocean Vista (Hong Kong)

Silkworm, Black Hand Theatre Collective (Canada)

A Stretch Of The Imagination, Monk and Mort (Australia)

Tajné slunce, Tajné slunce (Czech Republic)

Tale Of A T-Shirt, Sophia Laggner

The Tale of a T-shirt, Kennwort: Bergstation & Fixt Point Theatre (Austria / Canada)

Thomas & Ruhller - ORANJE, Thomas & Ruhller (Holland)

Tomic, Clockwork Rocket (England / Canada)

Topping And Butch’s Afternoon Tease, Topping And Butch (England)

Topping And Butch’s Big Night Out, Topping And Butch (England)

Two Women and a Chair, English Productions Vienna (Austria)

The Voice & The Verse, Maverick Press (Ireland)

Yellow Sisters, Ženská Vokální Skupina (Czech Republic)

2007 Programme

Amelia, Scena Theatre (USA)

The Ancient Geeks Present: CHICKENSOCKS!, The Ancient Geeks (Czech Republic)

Andi Neate, Andi Neate (Scotland)

Blow This Popsicle Stand, The Black Hand Theatre Company (Canada)

Celtic Feet, Gordon School of Dance (Scotland)

Chrissy at the Crossroads, Bruvvers (England)

Circus Fire, Atomic Vaudeville / Janet Munsil (Canada)

Cloning Mary Shelley, LynchPin Productions Theatre Company Ltd (England)

A Day in Prague, a Night in Brazil, Peter Griggs (USA)

The Exception and The Rule, Rock in Shoe Theatre (USA / Czech Republic)

The Fever, Padua Playwrights & Studio One Hundred (USA)

First Love, Act Provocateur Int (England)

The Friends of Jack Kairo, Flipside and Spacecraft in association with Focus Theatre (Ireland)

Fringe Forum: The Czech Centre London, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Prague Fringe Festival (Czech Republic / Scotland)

The Infant, Les Enfants Terribles (England)

Lay Down And Love Me Again, James Howell (Canada)

Little Johnny's Big Gay Adventure: The Confessions Tour, Random Accomplice (Scotland)

Lot Lizards, Peepshow Productions (Canada)

Maria Tecce - Red, Hot and Tecce, Divine Productions 2002 (USA / Ireland)

Mime must go on!, Theatro Pantomissimo (Czech Republic)

My Chair Your Self, The Scallabouche (Hungary / England)

Na hlavu!, Veselé skoky (Czech Republic)

Necropolis, Beautiful Confusion Productions (USA)

On the Ropes, Bruvvers (England)

Passport, Teatro San Martín De Caracas (Venezuela)

A Play On Two Chairs, Mangiare Theatre Company (Ireland)

Playwrights in Prague! A Reading Series of New Plays, The Playwrights' Center (USA)

The Probe: An Inquiry into Meteoric Rise and Spectacular Fall of Orson Welles in Hollywood, HotCity Theatre Co. & Theatre Belle Bete (USA)

Scott Capurro - Yankee Dog Pig, Scott Capurro (USA)

Short Films @ the Fringe (Hong Kong / Czech Republic)

Stephen Brandon and friends, Stephen Brandon (Australia)

The Stephen Frost Impro Allstars, Stephen Frost (England)

Tajné slunce, Tajné slunce (Czech Republic)

Tarantella Tarantula, ARTSHIP Ensemble (USA)

Third Child, Post Theater Company (USA)

To Kiss or not to kiss, the BoboBabes (Austria)

Topping & Butch - Pigs Will Fly, Topping & Butch (England)

Tourist, little d-fects (England)

Troubadour, the Phoenix Players/ Mr. Salim Ghouse (India)

Ve stanici nelze, Veselé skoky (Czech Republic)

Velvet Scratch, Theatre Lab Company (England)

The Voice and The Verse, Maverick Press (Ireland)

Vyzpívání duše, Josef Kristian Mejstřík - Stanislava Sýkorová (Czech Republic) 

2006 Programme

The Ancient Geeks - Poetically Speaking, The Ancient Geeks (Czech Republic)

Andi Neate, Andi Neate (Scotland)

Berta la Larga, Far Flung Theatre (England / USA)

Broken Hallelujah, Sharman MacDoanald, Crooked House Theatre Company (Ireland)

Carus and The True Believers, Carus and The True Believers (Australia)

Cyrano de Cognac, Juraj Benčík (Slovak Republic)

Decay Unlimited, Theatre de la Paupiáre (France)

Dog by Steven Berkoff, Eyeball Theatre (Scotland)

Duhové bubliny a jiné klaudiády, Bubblestheatre (Czech Republic)

Erorrism, Krepsko (Czech Republic)

Fuck You Center, Robert Hawke (Canada)

I Miss Communisum, Ines Wurth (USA)

Morning, Noon and Marilyn Monroe, PRETTY GOOD GIRL Dance Theatre (England)

A Mummers Play, The Byker Mummers (England)

Na hlavu!, Veselé skoky (Czech Republic)

Nejmenší žena na světě, Krepsko (Czech Republic)

Night & The City, Maria Tecce (USA / Ireland)

No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre, Le Theatre de Boheme (Canada)

A One Man Hamlet, Will Bligh (Australia)

Operation Elvis by Ccecil P Taylor, Bruvvers theatre Company (Newcastle upon Tyne, England)

Over the Wall by James Saunders, EISP Performing Arts Group (Czech Republic)

Prádlo..., Pop Theatre (Czech Republic)

Quick, Quick Silver Productions (USA)

Savage Love, Beautiful Confusion Productions (Czech Republic)

Scott Capurro - Yankee Dog Pig, Scott Capurro (USA)

Sepia Quartet, Theatre Suspendu (France)

Short Film Festival, Various Artists (Various Countries)

The Spiritual Injury, Monkfish (England)

Tangled, Papa Chance Productions (Australia)

The Tempest, Eyeball Theatre (Scotland)

Topping and Butch's - Midnight Mass, Topping and Butch (England)

Two Man Rumble, Perhilion Theatre Company (Scotland)

Ve stanici nelze, Veselé skoky (Czech Republic)

Very Short Stories of Creatures and Their Journey Towards a Home, Baba Yoga Theatre (Denmark)

Voyage: One Woman's Odyssey in a Bathtub, Head-Langue Theatre (France)

What Are We Trying to Say?, Poetree Productions (Czech Republic)

XXX Anonymous, Theatre Lab Company (England)

2005 Programme

Andi Neate, Andi Neate (Scotland)

Ariadne's Thread, Too Close to the Sun (Canada / Australia)

A Story About Magic, Courtney and Jeff (USA)

Bird Trilogy, Overseas Scores (USA/UK)

Blue Tree Green, Theaterverein Spielhalde (Austria)

Chatroom by Enda Walsh, Brooked House in association with the Royal National Theatre of Great Britain's Shell Connections programme (Ireland)

Chess With Dead Hare, the Midnight Laboratory (Sweden)

Colony in Fables, Demago (Czech Republic)

Cracks in the Garden, Barbarian Productions (New Zealand)

The Dreamer Examines His Pillow, Beautiful Confusion Productions, co produced with Theatre Exile (USA)

Erorrism, Krepsko (Czech Republic)

Na Hlavu!, Veselé skoky (Czech Republic)

Footprints of the Past, English International School Prague (Czech Republic)

Grampian Police Pipe Band (Scotland)

Naostro Naměkko, Nanohach (Czech Republic)

Improvisation Match: Pra.l.i.ny. versus Ot.i.sk, Improliga (Czech Republic)

Jamie Marshall, Jamie Marshall (UK / Czech Republic)

Lost, Remplissez Ca (France)

Lysistrata, Vitruvius Productions (UK)

My Scent Is Eternal, While You Just Spread A Bad Smell Around, Demago (Czech Republic)

One Man Rant, Perhillion Theatre (Scotland)

Parody or Pathos, Marika Klambatsea (Greece)

Poetry Vandals, Poetry Vandals (UK)

Rainbow Bubbles Andother Clowneries, Bubblestheatre (Czech Republic)

Sandwich, Road Show Theatre (Ireland)

Scott Capurro Is Erect, Scott Capurro (USA)

Sex, Drugs and Sausage Rolls, Sadie Nine (UK)

The Sid and Nancy Punch and Judy Show Warhol, Drama of Works (USA)

Spirits, the Best of Bubbles Theatre (Czech Republic)

Strangers, Somatic Tintamarre (France)

The Mad Cup of Tea, Krepsko (Czech Republic)

Topping and Butch-Live!, Topping and Butch (UK)

The Ugly Duchness, Intrepid Theatre (Canada)

2004 Programme

Andi Neate, Andi Neate (Scotland)

Asian Sings the Blues, Oops Guys! (USA)

The Bird Trap, Crooked House Theatre Company (Ireland)

Caravan, Black Hole Theatre (Australia)

D'Eon, Natural Perspectives (England)

Dva potulní rytíři, Antonín Novotný (Czech Republic)

The Grampian Police Pipe Band (Scotland)

Heartbeats, Adriatik Uvádí (Czech Republic)

Hideaway, Quiconque (England)

Hyde and Jekyll, BONC Theatre (Ireland)

I'm Still Looking for the Parks Exit, Company Xixicas (Spain)

Johnny Quality, Johnny Quality (England, USA)

K čemu je vlastně bílý psí trus, Antonín Novotný (Czech Republic)

Last of the Red Hot Dadas, Exit Theatre (USA)

Le Mimo Show, Teatro Teatro (Czech Republic)

Metamorphosis, Black Moon Theatre Company (USA)

Naked Voices Extraordinary Acappella, Naked Voices (England)

NE 2nd Avenue, Teo Castellanos (USA)

Nelmenší žena na světě, Krepsko (Czech Republic)

One Man Rant, Perhilion Theatre Company (Scotland)

Peotry Vandals, Peotry Vandals (England)

Pinocchio, Screwed and Clued (England)

Rap Canterbury Tales, Babasword Productions (Canada)

Rumplestiltskin at the Fairytale Laundry, Ailie Cohen (Scotland)

Southern Discomfort, Butch Hammett (USA)

Spoonface Steinberg, Cave Theatre (England)

Špatný játra a zlomený srdce, Pepa Čečil and Antonín Novotný (Czech Republic)

Tadhg Stray Wandered In, Fishamble Theatre (Ireland)

Tam O'Shanter, Arches Theatre Company (Scotland)

Throw me a Bone, Niki McCretton (England)

Toast, Katy Slater (England)

Trick Boxing, Sossy Mechanics (USA)

Western, Mahwaff Theatre Company (England)

2003 Programme

Box Dreams, Theatre Intent (UK)

Comedy 4 Kids, James Campbell (UK)

Černošská pohádka, Divadlo Drak (Czech Republic)

Drip, Attic People (France)

Exhibition Seven, Jude Gove, Hazel Rae, Suzie Scott, Frances Thorburn, Jason Nelson, Scott Hudson a Cheryl McDermid (Scotland)

Fire 4.0, Burning Desire Theater (USA)

Happy With Half Your Life, Beautiful Butterfly Productions (Australia)

Heretic, Niki Mccretton (UK)

K čemu vlastně je bílý psí trus, Antonin Novotný (Czech Republic)

A Life In Her Day, Hilary Chaplain (USA)

A Man and a Woman, Lulu's Living Room (UK)

Mahulena, Studio Damuzá (Czech Republic)

Merri-May Gill, What Management (Australia)

O Pastýřce a Kominíčkovi, Zasyrova jedovaté divadlo (Czech Republic)

One Night Stand, Krement X (Norway)

Paví Kroky, Divadlo Demago (Czech Republic)

Pluto a podkova, Divadlo Minor (Czech Republic)

Romeo And Juliet, Tiny Ninja Theatre Company (USA)

Scapegoat, Wishbone (UK)

Svita pro stuhu, zapomenutý rugbiový míč a pantomimický hlas, Antonin Novotný + Radomil Uhlíř (Czech Republic)

ŠUNT - Překroucená představa přátelství, Krepsko (Czech Republic)

That's Me On the Left in the Parka, Robert Karper (UK)

Throw me a Bone, Niki McCretton (UK)

Tomorrow, National Theatre Nish (Serbia)

Tragedian- Part I - The Rise of Fame of Edmund Kean, The Prodigal Theatre Company (UK)

Tragedian- Part II - The Fall to Infamy of Edmund Kean, The Prodigal Theatre Company (UK)

The Trouble With Joan Antith, Theatre De Los Monos (UK)

Tuesdays and Sundays, DualMinds (Canada)

Why Love Shakespeare, William Sutton (Netherlands)

Žena, která zabila Boha, Nod (Czech Republic)

2002 Programme

Animal Farm, Lizzie Wort (UK)

Arch, Natalie Waldbaum, Max Eublin (UK+Czech Republic)

Berkoff's Women, Linda Marlowe (UK)

Channel Surfing, Saturday Night Live (USA)

Jane Eyre, Lisa Hayes (USA)

Life Forms, Lizzy Le Quesne + Dance Company HAMU and guests (UK+Czech Republic)

Love and Other Fairy Tales, Scarlet Theatre (UK)

Merri-May, Doesn't everyone?, Merri-May Gill (Australia)

No Free Way, Jackie Gray (New Zealand)

Shylock, Gareth Armstrong (UK)

Skylight, Lizzy Le Quesne / Andrea Miltnerová / Sandrine Harris (UK+Czech Republic)

The Tragedian, The Prodigal Theatre Company (UK)

The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus, Komedie Theatre (Czech Republic)

WORKSHOP Some Laboratory Theatre Techniques, Prodigal Theatre Company (UK) 

Worm-Hole, Niki McCretton (UK)