22nd - 27th May 2023

Thank you - Back on track! Long live the Fringe.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, each and every one of you for making the 22nd Prague Fringe such an overwhelming success.

Whether you were an artist, an audience member, a sponsor, a hotel partner, a member of the volunteer Front of House team, a technician or a venue manager, thank you.

6 days of magic unfolded in the back streets and winding alleys of Malá Strana. Ticket sales were up significantly and we had many, many sold out shows.

Finally we were back in May and with the welcome return of Beseda it felt very much like the pre-pandemic years - the parties ran well into the night and the traditional sunrise gathering on Charles Bridge returned. 

Many of our international pals were back - from Oregon to Victoria, from Suffolk to Provence, from Sheffield to Luxembourg, from Ottawa to Arbroath and everywhere in between - it was so, so lovely to have you all back. 

Thank you to all of our sponsors, hotel partners and to everyone that donated to the Save the Fringe fund in the last 12 months - we have survived and we will survive. 

A special shout out to Jake, Lorn and the team at Binge Fringe for all their hard work - reviews and editorials are still coming in thick and fast - you can read them all here if you haven't yet.

Thank you to all of our fantastic venues and venue managers you are all so special and magical in different ways.

Thank you team Fringe. Thank you Rosie, Alena and Jasmina for all your hard work throughout the year. Thank you to Jack for your glorious photographs and helping take our festival to the next level. Thank you Tereza for all your hard work on the social media. Thank you Charlie and the wonderful tech team. And finally thank you to Rebecca for being such a force of nature and leading our glorious volunteer team to look after you all during the festival - Thank you Rachael, Anna and Kirsty too. 

The dates for next year? I hear you all ask - we are confirming this with the venues now but we will be back at the end of May in 2024, that we know. Keep an eye on our social media for an announcement next week as well as the announcement of our 2023 award winners. 

Long live the Fringe and see you all soon,